Slagel Cresta

Management Expert

Cresta is our Management expert, our Financial Extraordinaire, and jack-of-all-trades.


Cresta is the Office Manager at Whalley Law and is the hub and heart of our team. From billing to birthdays, receipts to retainers, Cresta handles it all and more with her characteristic grace and humor. A long-time Tacoma resident, Cresta joined Whalley Law in July 2018 after selling the pharmacy she owned since 2008 and where she worked since 1995. Her extensive management experience and resourcefulness benefits both colleagues and clients.

Cresta brings her unique skill set and experience to benefit clients of Whalley Law. Her knowledge and background provide her a unique insight while speaking with clients about billing, scheduling, and in explaining often complex matters. She is the calm in the storm and the first to jump in when extra help is needed. Cresta helps us to balance not only the books, but also the morale of the Whalley Law team.


Cresta is passionate about her work and enjoys being able to help people during a difficult time in their lives. She is proud to work in a small business that cares about employees, clients, and the community. As a long-time Tacoma resident, giving back and being a part of the community is important to Cresta.

In her free time, Cresta enjoys spending time with her family and especially the newest love of her life, her first grandbaby! She is a committed Seahawks fan and loves the Little League World Series and Women’s College World Series.

Cresta’s main goal is to assist our clients in any way and make their Whalley Law experience as wonderful as possible.